Best Pushchair/Buggy To Buy??

Found 25th Aug 2010
Looking to replace my new pushchair, looking for something fairly cheap, but which comes with the accessories such as footmuff and rain cover etc as the weather is getting cooler/wetter; don't want to have to buy them seperately. Also, pivot front wheels as a must! Anyone recommend anything? Been searching all evening, can't seem to find anything reasonably priced that I need
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price range?
reason for replacing old chair? age of child?
(footmuffs always seem small imo)
yeeah depends on prioce range..

i have a petite zia star for my lil man and i LOVE it. would recommend it to everyone. xx
obaby range @ kiddicare, I've got this one in pink really good
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i got a mamas and papas aria pushchair with footmuff raincover and matching bag for £44 in the argo clearence shop xx there stock changes all the time and i also see lovely pushchairs when i go in x
I would also recommend zia petite star - it's great. About £100 inc footmuff and raincover
I loved my Petite star Zia, Great little buggy, but my pushchair addiction got the better of me and I got something else.

Also I loved my Cosatto Say Hello boys pushchair, Lovely size, got rid of that too, Gutted! but I cant control myself
Looking for less than £50 to be honest, replacing mine as the front pivot wheels are playing up, and to be fair I've had it a year a its a bit battered now lol.

Im gonn ahave a look through the Argos Clearance - thanks x
i have bought LOADS of strollers and by far the best was the maclaren XT....its just over £100 but its amazing!
I have the quinny zapp which is brilliant and a maclaran xt cath kidston stroller which is gorgeous.
They are both pricey but resell well if you look after them.
i have a maclarens xrl which i love after buying about 7 prams this has got to be the best.
I used a maclaren quest for my first boy and used it till he was 4, im using it as a spre for our new boy, 1 next wk, and got him one new once he was big enough for it!! I wouldnt buy anything else.
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