Best quality satnav for around £50-70

    Hey everyone, I want to buy my girlfriend a satnav for christmas, I havent had much experience with satnavs, just wondering if people could recommend any for around £50-70??

    Thanks in advance


    Halfords set it up and show you how to use it for free…685

    get the navigon from smiths or ebuyer at around £45(or perhaps even ebay) (depends on delivery offers), it comes with bulldog sat nav software but im running one of the better ones on mine ! Ive had mine about a year and its still going great.

    Oh and it can also play music, films and show pictures if required, great bit of kit

    i have this one in pink, is a great sat nav and would def recommend it! very easy to follow! anyone i have given a loan of it to has bought one!…685
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