best rac/aa breakdown cover

    hi guys as post says whats the best deal at the moment ? cars only 1 year old so its really just for emergencies so dont want to pay loads


    There was this if still relevant…mi/

    and I am sure someone posted cover for about £13 for the year the other day but cannot find it. Will carry on looking

    Found it but having read the comments may be useless anyway…l-/

    Have a look at Britannia Rescue, have been with them for years. Works out even cheaper if you are with some unions or organisations

    You really must look at AutoAid. Amazingly comprehensive cover for just £37 a year, which includes your spouse. :w00t:

    They call out a breakdown garage (or you can choose one yourself). You pay the garage direct, AutoAid quickly reimburse you with a cheque.

    Go to and follow the 'breakdown' links or do a search on AutoAid. You will see the many comments from people who use this service. :thumbsup:
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