Best Raspberry pi (or similar device) for retro emulation

Posted 30th Sep 2014
Thinking about getting a little device like a raspberry pi or something similar for emulation and maybe XBMC, just want to know the best one for the best price really as new to these little mini pcs?

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Check out Banana PI as well Youtube Retro Link

Which would you say is better?

Which would you say is better?

On specs I'd say Banana Pi but it's obviously doesn't enjoy the same support as the Raspberry Pi. It all depends on budget but I tend to go for a NanoPC over an Arm based computer. Something like a Atom based or intel NUC would be my preference but those cost a lot more.
Depends what emulators, PSX is about the limit on the Pi (not all games will run full speed but a lot do), forget N64. For 8/16 bit emulation & MAME/NEO GEO it's mostly great (some issues with SNES)

Check out the RetroPie project:

The frontend Emulation Station recently had a major overhaul and looks great. There is a pre-compiled image for RetroPie which makes life easier but you will still need to spend some time configuring it to your liking, plenty of guides in the forum on the RetroPie site.
Thanks for replies so far, to make it easier for recommendations ideally will like to play like old 8/16bit games but playing N64 would be a big bonus not that fussed about PSX but again would be nice to have the option
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