Best Reasonable but good quality PS4 Headset?

    Hi HUKD community, I bought a PS4 console today (went into GAME to trade in my xbox 360 console, games and accessories, mentioned the online refurbished deal of £289.99 with Knack and they offered a pre-owned with Knack from store for £10 extra. After taking away what I got from the xbox stuff, the few reward points I had and the reward points I got from it I ended up paying less than £200, which I was very happy with!) and after unpacking I realised I'll be needing a headset to go with it. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good one? I'm unsure whether I should go wired or wireless, clearly the wireless is more convenient, but also seems to be much more expensive.. is there any difference in the sound quality? So far I've found these, have any thoughts?…8e1
    This is one is unbranded, however doesn't sound too bad.…ama
    This is a more well known brand and has had good reviews.

    So, wired or wireless? Are either of those worth a purchase? Are there any others you would recommend? Thank you very much.

    I'm also looking for some general tips for a new PS4 owner, I think I'll be buying PS+ from cdkeys and the £19.99 Assassin's Creed Black Flag put on here soon.

    P.S By reasonable I don't think I'd like to spend any more than £50. Thanks again


    I got a turtle beach px5 used - very good condition on amazon for £55. Is the ultimate headset and I find myself using it for all games. Worth checking out as many places have these unboxed only as mine was

    I prefer wired and its generally cheaper. problem with the tritton kamas are that they don't offer independent game and chat volume adjustment. so if you cant hear friends over the agme you never will. I just picked up some tritton kunai for £21 new from ebay. essentially the next one up from the kamas.

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    Thank you both. I agree that the kunais do sound like an excellent option, I'll look around!

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    They have the Sony stereo 2.0 headset for about £70 it's I think a 5.1 virtual surround sound, and wireless too. Decent reviews from professionals and good reviews from customers.

    I was going to buy them but instead went for studio headphones as I wanted a good pair for phone, pc, console and vita and wasn't caring for a mic.
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