Best Rechargable Batteries for my digital camera?

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Found 29th Dec 2009
Im looking to buy some high quality batteries for my digital camera as it takes 4x AA and will probably eat them up pretty quick..

any ideas?



try 7dayshop.com

lots of options there - higher capacity last longer. they sell packages ie sets of four complete with chargers. I've bought a few sets for various cameras, toys etc and all seem fine. I usually buy their own brand 2800mAh

here's what I would get - you could get cheaper combined package if you shop around I guess, but these guys are quick and you could possibly buy two sets of batteries to have one on standby. You also get adaptor so you can charge in the car - very handy !



good luck


Ordinary NiMH rechargeable batteries lose their charge over time, if you're going to be using your new camera on a regular basis then this isn't such a big deal, if however you may be leaving a set of batteries for a few months or more either in the camera or waiting to be used then they will lose a fair proportion of their charge. In this case, I would recommend going for some Hybrid batteries (Uniross Hybrio or Sanyo Eneloop). Although they are rated with a lower capacity (typically 2100mAh) they don't lose therir charge and I've found them to be excellent. They are more expensive, but you did ask which are the best. Also, whatever you buy it goes without saying tht you need to buy 8 so that you always have a spare set.

Sorry, I don't know where the best deal is on Hybrid batteries at the moment, maybe somebody else can help.

Andy S;3897549

Another vote here for Sanyo Eneloop. Got mine from … Another vote here for Sanyo Eneloop. Got mine from here...http://www.day2dayshop.com/Batteries_Size_AA_Sanyo_Eneloop_Rechargeable_AA_x8/p_21423.aspx

I've learned something useful here.

I have to keep a charger in my car because my 'lithies' keep going flat.

cheers guys :thumbsup: Usual H&R ensues...
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