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    What are the best things to look for when looking to buy a Digital camera? I have been looking to buy a new cam and have posted in the requests forum but have had no replies. I wondered if someone could tell me what are the best features to go for to get a half decent cam? Just so i can go to a shop and find what i want.


    hi there, my advice to you would be don't just look at the pixel resolution because the higher the resolution does not mean that the quality is better.Have a look at some reviews on trustedreviews and see what you like the look of.Personally i have just bought the casio exilim s880 for xmas. It has a nice 2.8 lcd screen and it has 8.1 megapixel and v good picture quality. You can get it from jessops for £139. You might be able to get 10% off aswell. Sony Cybershots are good but its just down to preference i suppose. Fuji fine pix also are quite good.

    Hope this helps

    You need to tell us what you would like to do with the camera, there are many 'good' cameras on the market but they cater for different needs. Firstly is it a compact camera you are looking for rather anything larger?

    If so, I'd have a look at the Panasonic FX33 - this is a small metal bodied camera with a few useful features. First up it has an image stabiliser which I think is a very useful features, a mechanism within the camera counteracts the movement of the camera itself - what this does in essence is allow you to get sharper pictures in lower light whereas normally the picture would have been blurry. Bear in mind that this technology only helps with still or slow moving subjects, it won't help with anything moving as they will still be blurred. Don't be fooled by 'digital image stabilisation' or 'blur reduction', these are marketting cons which use high ISO to get a higher shutter speed - the problem is most compact cameras have poor high ISO performance.

    The next feature is the 28mm equivalent lens which is very usfeul but very few people are aware of this, most cameras quote their zoom as just a number such as 3x, 4x etc. but that figure is essentially meaningless. What is more important is where the zoom starts and ends, in most cases for compact cameras this is at 35mm or similar - the advantage of the Panasonic's 28mm lens is that you get a wider field of view. You will have been in the situation where you have been indoors and you just can't get everything squeezed in because you have no room to step back, the wider 28mm of the Panasonic will be of use in any situation where you want to get more into the picture.

    The rest of the feature set is solid, the main weakness is the poor high ISO performance - this means in low light when the ISO is increased there is signficantly more noise in the picture. Unfortunately most compact cameras suffer from this, the Panasonic is by no means alone.

    Another model of interest from Panasonic is the TZ3, this is bigger than the FX33 but features a 10x zoom again starting at 28mm and going up to 280mm. Despite this huge zoom range it is still a surprisingly compact camera.


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    Really appreciate the info Johnmcl7 but the cameras you mention are out of my price range. Forgot to mention i really only want to pay upto £100. I know it's not a lot of money for a digi cam but it is just for my wife to take mainly family shots at parties holidays and such and a few macro shots now and again.

    Yep, don't get taken in my Mega Pixels, often a 5 Mega Pixel camera with a good lens will be superior to a 10 Mega Pixel camera with a poor lens, Fuji & Canon both have good reputations for lenses under £100.

    You wouldn't go wrong with a Fuji F20 at around £80.

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    Thanks for that..

    You wouldn't go wrong with a Fuji F20 at around £80.

    Could you tell me where i could get one for that price?

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    Think i may go for ]This one


    Think i may go for ]This one

    That's a seriously good price for that camera and I doubt you'll be disapponted.

    I noticed when shopping in Tesco's today that they had quite a few cameras in a clearance section. Might be worth having a look if you have one near you.
    I'm sure i also saw the Fuji A800 below £70 although their website is saying £79.96 ?

    Anyway like I say if you end up with the Fuji you linked to you'll have a really good camera.


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    Ok thanks for the tip mate, i do have a Tesco resonably near to me i may have a look and see what they have to offer.:thumbsup:
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