Best Revision Sources for Those Like Me Doing Exams ATM :/

    Here is a list of website I believe to be the best for revision:…ze/
    there are a load more so if you know of any please list them in the comments.


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    why isnt this in freebies? it has seemingly disappeared

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    its a good place for people to find information they need. not many people know about and it is an amazing webiste really helped with my GCSE's. So its not stupid for putting it in freebies as I know that people do spend ages looking for decent revision websites and the ones above really helped.

    thanks! much appreciated

    you can do one of two things;
    1) go to your school and ask for past exam papers
    2) find out which board you are doing and contact the exam board and ask them

    Hope that helps


    Got 5 more exams to sit, pretty easy and pretty bored so back to xbox for me
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