Best road bike under £1,000?

Found 21st Jul
I know this is a topic covered widely, but interested to see peoples opinions.
I'm really looking for a kind of 'all rounder' like the giant contend rather than an all out racer.
Also any old stock 2017/18 bargains are interesting, although the sizes often seem pretty limited.
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Can’t help but make sure you get one that can use cycle paths as well gets really annoying that we spend all this money on them and road bikes are not designed for them.
Check out the tcr advanced 3 for a few notes over the grand mark. A brilliant frame that is comfortable for all distances and very stiff for climbing. The only negative is the boxy downtube that just doesnt feel very aero at speed. But then you won't be time trialling on this. Look around for one the many 20 percent off sales...

This also rides in cycle lanes well, however the rider may still choose to avoid them if they are covered in litter ( often collects in segregated lanes) or pot holes. Shame more money isn't spent maintaining them then... That's why riding on roads if often preferable and for same reason I avoid driving on roads with speed bumps or lots of pot holes if there are better and therefore quicker alternatives (infrequent these days)
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These are the bikes that I’ve been watching around £1k price tag:

Cannondale CAAD12 Tiagra 2018 £1099
Bianchi via Nirone Tiagra 2018 £1100
Scott Speedster 20 Disc Tiagra 2018 £1099
Cube Attain SL 105 2018 £999
Focus Izalco Race 105 2018 £999
Specialized Allez E5 Elite 105 2019 £999

Stocks are very limited nowadays. Perhaps due to the changing cycling season coming soon.
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