Best Router For Lots of Wi-Fi Devices

    So I’ve got a 3 floor town house. On the ground floor is where my 70mb Virgin comes into the
    house and into the Virgin Hub. I’ve then got a cable that goes up to the first
    floor and into a Netgear Wireless N150 Access Point (has one aerial). I’ve got
    a wireless network on the ground floor and another on first floor from the Netgear.
    Firesticks and kids ipads on the third floor goes to the wi-fi on the Netgear
    on the first floor. The wi-fi on the ground floor is from the virgin hub doesn’t
    really get used.

    I know I’m going to have to up my broadband to maybe 200mb
    as it suggests too if a lot of wi-fi devices are trying to access it and use it
    at the same time.

    Would a decent router be a better device in place of my

    What’s a decent one to get if it would make a difference? (The
    Nighthawk has Smart Connect which chooses best wi-fi channel etc is that just

    Thank you.


    i have the nighthawk x6 and other than 1 inexplicable dead spot nothing reaches its awesome,it has replaced a combination of a netgear r6220 an hub 2 (as ap) a wifi extender and 5 home plugs,my lad streams from our nas on the 3rd floor of our house and for a low quality 720p cartoon he used to have lots of buffering issues and now its solid,as is everybodys ,used to have major drop outs ,disconnects and just nothing happening,touch wood all is solid now.

    although i do have a newish router and many homeplugs to sell now lol,im not sure the nighthawk x6 is worth the 165 retail asked,but i got mine for 100 and its well worth that

    have hub 3 but it's in modem mode. Put a Asus router in. Ran cat6e round the house. But also got 2 old routers acting as access points.

    Coverage is second to none and Virgin cannot see past main Asus router. Also get full speeds off Virgin on wireless

    Same situation, However my virgin is up in the loft. I have a access point at the back end of the house, and the virgin box covers the front.…DAP

    Make sure you have different wireless names, gives it a better coverage.

    Most stuff is going towards wifi mesh.

    The Netgear Nighthawk R7000 has excellent range or a mesh system such as the BT one would be good:…fi/

    Original Poster

    Thank you for all of your time in replying. This mesh thing has certainly thrown a spanner in the works now!
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