Best RX 5700 XT card?

Posted 1st Dec
what is the best 5700 XT card in terms of thermals, temp, fans, noise ect? heard the red devil is a solid choice
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Allegedly it's a toss up between a Saphire Nitro + which I have and the Power colour Red devil. The Sapphire pulse is also a good option. Stay away from the Thicc 2 and the MSI card unless your happy to modify a brand new card with thermal pads or washers on the stock cards. Stock cards as usual are loud due to blower design.

Be aware this is definately a 1440p card which is very good for undervolting (to save money on electricity whilst being future proof for 1440p res).

It's not really a suitable 4k card (around 40 fps on high for modern games) unless your happy to turn down to medium or low settings which can achieve 60fps.

There is little scope or benefit to overclocking on this card as the Amd stock settings are already pushing for very high performance at a small gain (1 or 2 fps) at a cost of far more electricity use and heat.

Hope that helps.
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