Best Samsung E900 deal


What is the best samsung e900 deal you have come across. Please, share it here.

It could be on or offline !



Welcome to HUKD!!

I was wondering whether to post these deals in the forum or not anyway!!

It's available on the o2 Leisure Time Plus tariff. You get 100 o2/landline off-peak mins and 100 texts per month. There's double talk and text for the first three months too. After cashback, it's 8 months free line rental on the 12 month contract. Therefore, for the entire year's contract and the phone you pay just £80!! This is available at e2save.com and onestopphoneshop.com. You can get £36.50 cashback for the e2save contract if you purchase via QuidCo.com, bringing the price down to £43.50!! For OneStopPhoneShop you only get £20 in QuidCo cashback.

Both retailers also have it on the Orange Canary 30 tariff. This gives you 200 x-net mins, 75 texts and 50 "orange to orange" off-peak mins per month. This offer gives you 8 on the 12 month contract after cashback from the retailer. This means that the contract and phone work out at just £120 for the entire year 9because the contract is dearer than the o2 one before cashback). It's available at e2save.com and onestopphoneshop.com. Don't forget the QuidCo cashback outlined above!!

Finally, onestopphoneshop.com have the phone on the Orange Dolphin 30 tariff. This is the same price as the Canary tariff with the same cashback given, however the tariff is a little different. On this tariff you get 100 x-net mins and 200 texts per month. Don't forget QuidCo for another £20 off the price of £120!!

Both e2save and OSPS are owned by The CarPhoneWarehouse, who have a good highstreet reputation.

I hope that helps you. If it was actually a PAY-G offer you were after (I hope it wasn't, lol) then let me know and I'll find those for you.

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Thanks for putting these deals on. It will help a lot of people getting the deals or may be atleast think about getting a good one.

I have got a contract with Onestop people and they were ok giving me the cashback on time.

For my 2nd contract I pay vodafone £24 for 200 xnet minutes and 250 texts / gprs bundle. My contract is about to renew and i was thinking about getting a cheaper deal (monthly line rental) on the same sort of tariff on Samsung e900

If you know what I mean !

My Current Contract is ending and i was thinking of getting the E800.
I comparing to the Leisure Time Plus Tariff from E2save as above.

I have just got off the Phone and this is what they will offer me.

£8.50 Tariff - 400minutes(some Landline) - No Txts
Add extra £5 a Month for 100txts - the Bolt on.
=£162 for the Year
They are doing an automatic £90 Cashback cheque in the Post offer.
Equalling 400minutes and 100 txts a month
Annual =£72
£6 a Month for 400mins + 100txts, plus the New Phone

I thought it may be worthwhile me posting this. I rang carphonewarehouse loyalty number, to Cancel, turned out im 5days too early lol.
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