Best Sat nav?

    I am looking for a sat nav and naturally, i want to pay as less as possible. I have been told by a couple of people that i should get a tomtom and not even consider anything else as the satellite signals are not as good? Can anyone confirm this?

    Also, does anyone know of any retailers who have got a good deal on sat navs and what would you recommend? I want something reliable, easy to use, with camera detection and free updates (for as long as possible) and preferably EU mapping aswell, although i am not too concerned about this.

    Any help would be great, thanks


    YES YES TOM TOM are by far the best I've tried several makes through my job & nothing compares. Don't bother with the expensive models, just go for what you need (i.e presumably you need a sat nav & can use a blue tooth headset or plug in MP3 player for the extra functions of the more expensive models). So I would suggest a TOM TOM One with or without Europe (depending on the deal often similar in price)
    Good Luck:thumbsup:

    TomTom or Garmin at a push

    I very much agree with the recommendations for Tomtom, the software is simple to use and works well. I've been mainly using Tomtom for a few years now and not found any other system to be as good in that they often have confusing interfaces and erratic routing. I recently drove all the way down to Nurburg in Germany with a Tomtom XL Europe and it worked extremely well pointing out all the speed cameras, the speed limits and bar a minor routing issue near the end (closed motorway exit) it got me there and back without hassle. Comparatively the friend who was also driving with me had difficulties with his GPS, it was ok most of the time but when the two units disagreed it was Tomtom that was correct.

    I don't think it's worth skimping on the Sat Nav as the last thing you want when trying to navigate somewhere you don't know is a Sat Nav that is sending you in the wrong direction. Although even a good Tomtom system is not perfect which means you should always have a backup routeplan and paper map.



    The "satellite signals are not as good" is a load of rubbish.

    However, if you get anything other than TomTom you are crazy It's by far the best, without exception.

    Go range is better, but if you just want really basic sat nav, One is fine too.

    I have recently just bought a TomTom Go 520 after weeks of research on which model would be best for a reasonable price. It offers all the mapping you'll need, daily updates, the option to create your own updates and corrections, transmit the voice commands and MP3's to your car radio, connect your Ipod to it and control it via the sat nav's screen, Bluetooth hands-free for your phone, voice recognition. It just seems to have everything and it's available on a few locations for about £140-ish. In my opinion it's an absolute steal and I love it.

    What are your requirments and budget?

    Do you need anything more than maps of the UK? Do you want to fit it in your pocket? Does is need to be brand new?

    Good place to start looking is either ]Cheap high street or ]TomTom deals

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all your help guys..........ive decided im gonna buy a tomtom - will hopefully do that tonight online. Thanks again
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