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Found 5th Nov 2005
Im looking for help in identifying which sat nav system is best for basic use in getting around and at a low cost.

I dont really need anything too fancy just maps and spoken instructions for the uk.

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I am using Tom Tom 5 on both my Nokia 6680 and iPAQ. Since I already had the hardware all I need was a satellite reciever (look on ebay for a BT77) and the software, job done!
Works very well and minimal cost.
Thanks for that info, id never considered my mobile could do it.

I have a nokia N70 so im assuming that will do the job as you describe better than buying a standalone sat nav unit??
Should it be portable or fixed? I found fixed ones to be far superior in terms of signal (these usually got Gyro and Gala signal + TMC) - signal is rarely lost and even so satnav knows where you are going. But the drawbaks are: price, flexibility and (if you are going for cheap model, like Blaupunkt TravelPilot) lack of 2D map (just arrows).
Traffic avoidance is another benefit you can get in fixed system, although it is not really working in this country. Also, it is always ready - no cables to connect, no antenna to worry about, etc.
Just had a look through the spec for the N70 and it is similar to the 6680. Has bluetooth and the Symbian 60 OS. You will need a Reduced Size MultiMediaCard of at least 128Mb (phone only comes with a 64Mb) for the software which only has UK maps. If you want to put more maps on you need a bigger card, I'm using a 512Mb the price has come down a lot recently.
I can help out with the software, PM me
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