Best Sat Nav Deals - any advice/hints/tips to get cheapest

    As the title suggests, I am looking for a deal on a sat nav. I have no idea who are the market leaders, the best system to get, although I have heard of the likes of Garmin, Tomtom, etc. If anyone out there knows of any good deals or advice on what to get - preferrably a combination of the two, I would be very grateful for a few minutes of your time to let me know.

    Many thanks in advance



    sOME GOOD DEALS AT MIN AT HALFORDS.. Got a Navman s30 luxery pack, which inc, the leather case + home charger... which is a good thing.. this is ok for the uk. and as like the others, you get free camera trial. good size, and cost £100... the cheapest iv found.. check argos, they,re in there without the extras.... same price. Also check the binatone one at around £80.... mart

    First decide in which countries you might use it. Some are UK maps only, some include Europe.

    Secondl , make sure it has the Sirf 111 chip ( or Sirf 3) . This gives much better acquisition
    of satellites in difficult areas.


    Tomtom range at amazon are the cheapest. However one trick I had to do recently is order it online a PC world for £115 for the Tomtom one, but they do a pricematch +10% deal where you can get then to match the price and take another 10% of the price difference off. So you get the 'best of both worlds' as they say :giggle:

    Top of the line ]TomToms are being updated not much is changing aside from the appearance?
    There seems to be ]some agreement that most of the changes will be available on the previous gen models
    via software upgrades, not sure whether if you buy a TomTom after the updates are released whether a charge will still be involved?

    I think the only real hardware difference between the 530/730 and the previous models maybe EPT (Enhanced Positioning Technology,)
    if it's included? EPT deals with the loss of signals due to tunnels/High Buildings, which may or may not be an issue for you?

    Latest TomTom (and some other) deals ]here. Also lists cheapest reconditioned prices for TomTom units.

    There are also a bunch of savings at ]Amazon on the One and One XL ranges, I presume on the back of new units coming out next week, apologies if this has already been posted.

    TomTom One XL GB Handheld GPS Receiver
    Product code: 051059

    Price £141.99

    this is a good price at dixons online

    get pcworld or currys to price match


    TomTom One XL GB Handheld GPS ReceiverProduct code: 051059Price … TomTom One XL GB Handheld GPS ReceiverProduct code: 051059Price £141.99this is a good price at dixons onlineget pcworld or currys to price match

    Also same price at amazon :…TF8 :thumbsup:

    Another site that lists prices and includes discount codes where applicable
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