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    I am looking to buy a decent sat nav for the car, my existing one is built in and the car goes back next week. i have a budget around £400, but am looking for the best, not just the dearest with features i may never use, it doesn't need to make tea, or sing happy birthday to me.
    Does anyone have any views on this, i have seen the Tom Tom Go 940, but not sure if that is the best choice.

    thank you


    I have been using a tomtom one xl for over a year now, i am a driver for my job and sometimes put in 15 addresses in a day, it is simple to use, it dont have millions of features but it is real easy to update.

    I recomend this if you want to get from a to b, they are nowhere near your £400 budget so buy yourself something else with the rest.

    this one seems very good value: ebay item 400080275247

    Hope this helps.

    TomTom one, we have been using a over a year now its great.

    [email protected];6807625

    TomTom one, we have been using a over a year now its great.

    this is correct but just to let you know, the xl version have a 4.3" screen not 3.5" as the standard has, I have had a 3.5 and the xl, i tried the smaller screen after using the xl but went back to the xl because this easier to type in addresses because of the bigger screen and its just generally easier to use overall.

    TomTom, Any of them that have the features you require.

    The x50 series are the best devices, The One series are a little less spec and not as responsive but still very good devices.

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    Thanks for the help guys, looks like a tom tom then from Amazon

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    I'd also go with Tom Tom, basically keep it simple, if you don't need all the features then don't pay for them. The TT one was great, but I now enjoy the wider screen version. What I do find particualrly useful is the latest intelligent routing, and particularly the advanced lane guidance. I also have the traffic service so get live information which is handy. If you are only ever travelling in the Uk then don't pay extra for Euro maps or US maps.
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