Best Sat Nav to buy around £100

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Found 26th Jul 2014
Looking at Tom Tom Start 25 M with Lifetime Map updates on offer for £90 direct, but sure someone can recommend better

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Hi. I know it's not specifically a Sat Nav but as a possible alternative I know a fair few people who use the Nokia Drive app (built into the Lumia series and a few others) who give it a good review. Once the maps are downloaded there's no need for a data connection as they work offline and I've seen the Lumia 800 around for £50-100 (used) which I've also used on occasion and can say it does the job. Unfortunately as I don't have it anymore I'm not sure how often the maps are updated but you can get whole of world maps which you can download via wifi so once again no mobile data needed. Hope this helps.

Try Garmin 2340 is good, and just update maps on website, TomTom is good, but had both and prefer Garmin, less gimmicky, just does what it's supposed to do and get you to the place you want to be, without speaking like John Cleese or Yoda? :-)

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Thanks but it doesn't have lifetime maps.

why not a moto g much much more than a sat nav unit

I'd agree with the above. I think the days of dedicated sat nav are really numbered.

I use my android device with google maps navigation and it is excellent. only thing missing is the speed camera detection and the lack of custom poi. but excellent for getting directions as it can google shops and attractions.

the lumia 800 was my first real smartphone, and Nokia maps did the job, and got updated frequently enough. but with windows 7.8 not really being supported, I doubt it'd be getting much more.

if it must be offline, I'd still say get an android smartphone like the moto g. there was a deal on here recently giving an offline sat nav app away, either navman or navigon. one of those ones.
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