Best Sat Nav with Traffic Updates?

    hello, I'm in the market for a sat nav with traffic info but not sure what is the best value for money?

    I've been let down too many times by google navigation dropping out 2 miles before I arrive at my destination!

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    Try Waze instead. Maps are on your device, traffic etc. is real time.

    Have you tried Waze, doesn't do off-line mapping but does work very well, and the community vote on Traffic updates/issues, also it tracks your journey so if you slow and others around you using Waze also slow down it reports that speed back to other users approaching the area.

    Crowd sourced traffic information


    Try Waze instead. Maps are on your device, traffic etc. is real time.

    haha beat me to it!!

    Didnt know the maps were on the device, I am sure it once showed a gray map when it didn't have the information?

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    For a dedicated sat nav, any of the Garmin-nuvi ones ending in LMT or LM-T do a pretty decent job.

    If you drive all the time then a dedicated sat nav is best that has live traffic linked to phone via Bluetooth. With phones overheating is a problem in Sumner and phone calls can stop phone displaying directions which is a pain. With both waze and goggle maps you can get a live traffic update. I put a postcode into Calender and both apps will warn me when to leave and if there are traffic problems. Waze has a widget which is good for this. Google has the best map as waze can send you down backstreets so try both to see how you get on. I use the phones power button to turn turn off screen to keep phone cooler and it won't lock screen in Google navigation but dose with waze and annoying will close the waze app sometimes. Also I play music through phone in car via Bluetooth and Google maps works good in the background. It's free so give them ago and see how you get on.

    TomTom have best traffic, and now with TomTom go 40 and up the traffic is free (40, 50 and 60 do require a mobile phone with Bluetooth tethering the 400, 500, 600 and above work stand alone)

    I find the SatNav built into the Microsoft Lumia phones to be great - better than an old TomTom I used to have.

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    thanks for the info guys, I'm going to move away from my mobile though, it hammers the battery and I find it keeps losing its GPS at key moments. I'll certainly look into the tom toms with stand alone traffic updates.
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