Best screen protector for S7 edge & S8

Found 30th Jan
Hi all,
Need to buy a screen protector for my Samsung S7 edge and for my other phone - Samsung S8.
There's alot on Amazon with fake reviews so can anyone recommend one that they've used personally?
Thanks in advance
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Most protectors for curved glass are the gel type.
Their all most the same stuff. So don't go running out and buy a £30+ one thinking it'll be amazing.

For my s8 I got a Samsung gel protector that came with the Vodafone starter kit (quick charge, clear case and protector).

My protector is a mess. Few small scratches on the gel (it's self healing to a point).
It then pealed back on the corners, so I've snipped the dry bits off.

It's not great, but I would rather this over nothing.

Think that goes for around £7. But could get a cheaper unit off eBay or Amazon, their gonna still be better than nothing.
To further add. eBay has a lot of cheap phone cases that come with 2x protectors. Try consider one of those bundles.

Had a 99p case and 2 protectors for my phone. Think I now have 4-5 gel protectors in a draw as had bought few different cases.
Got the Spigen Curved glass one myself as well as another work collegue, both fine and no issues, actually one of the easiest I've ever put on, also works well with the Spigen cases. Be very very careful with fake Spigen products on Ebay or third party sellers on Amazon. Buy from Amazon (with Spigen as seller) or direct from Spigen UK site (also check Spigen US site as sometimes cheaper even with the extra P&P)

Link is for the S8+ version (the one I have)
Spigen S8+ Curved Glass

Spigen S8 Version Curved Glass
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Buy a case that protects the top and bottom fully, I have an S7 and the screen cracked when it fell onto the bottom edge, next phone will have a wallet type case.
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