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Found 19th Jan 2006
I am after a 1GByte SD memory card. I have seen a few and was wondering if there was really that much difference with them. I have a Konica Minolta Dimage X1 camera and wondered if I would notice much difference if I bought the cheapest? Can someone enlighten me. Thanks

amazon.co.uk/exe…513 Cheap one from Amazon, my possible preference at the moment as I already have a £20 gift voucher

http://www.mymemory.co.uk/memory/MyMemory/1GB/66X/SD/Card/(Secure/Digital) - One from MyMemory that mentions 66x

amazon.co.uk/exe…513 Again from Amazon but £20 dearer
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Looking at the reviews, the second one can use less power than normal SD cards and will also write data much more quickly to it. For example: Continuous shooting or burst mode or even single shots taken one after the other, should help your camera to cope with much less delay time between shots. So it's worth the extra if those points are what you're looking for.

Branded flash media such as Viking, SanDisk, PNY are all fine and I've used unbranded SD cards with no problems either. But for price and quality in balance, I'd say Kingston [as it comes with a lifetime guarantee as standard] or Crucial [as they have a long standing reputation for excellent computer related memory hardware too.

As 1Gb is a lot of data you would be very upset to lose, I'd go for the quality rather than cheapest personally.
Thanks Rayman.
I haven't bought SD memory before. Would 2 x 512 Meg SD cards be more reliable etc than buying the 1Gbyte card?
I only wanted the 1Gbyte one as I though it would be what most people buy.
What I meant about the 1Gb option, is that if you lost the one card with all your images on it, you've lost the lot. If you have a few cards with less storage space and one was to go wrong, you'd still have storage back-ups. If you lost a full card, you would only lose that smaller amount of space. Bad enough but not as bad as 1Gb's worth.

On saying that, for £34 and 1Gb of space is very reasonable
I bought an ebuyer own brand one and a Viking one came through the post. Could be worth checking out?
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