Best secure email and/or browser?

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Found 14th Feb
Hi all. Once again, I'm turning to the expertise on this forum as I always get brilliant advice.

This time, I'm looking at upping my security for a couple of reasons;

1) I hate the idea of anyone snooping

2) My name, address and god knows what else was one of those hacked when I was a talktalk customer and consequently am having all kinds of scam calls > I've changed passwords etc...but still want to be ultra cautious.

3) Let's just say I have a mental-health of the many things I've been diagnosed as is paranoia...I believe I'm a realist but that's another issue!

As always, I genuinely appreciate and advice or suggestions. Thanks so much

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2) why are you answering scam calls just ignore them then block them

Not specific enough really.
I am on mailfence email and airvpn

Maybe not the best, but a step in the right direction, The Opera browser has a free build in VPN as well as being able to use the normal extensions like Adblock etc

Hushmail is good.

The answer to you problem is not to store anything on your PC or the internet. It's not a security problem if you personal details are stolen from Talktalk as anyone can find those in all number of databases freely available. If you want a secure email service which is free try If you have document on your computer you don't want people to peep into zip them up and add a password or store them on a sdcard and take that out when not using the computer.

Unfortunately nothing is secure, that's why software companies are constantly updating their software, rather than the most secure web browser or email you simply need to protect the pc from malware, viruses and a firewall, plus you don't have to worry about hackers as most sales and marketing companies and competitions people enter gets all their info sold on to other companies, their the ones to watch not who's hacking you

Been using Opera for last few months and been impressed with it. Very secure and kills off nearly all of those annoying adds. VPN is great and free. and use tails as your o/s


Protonmail is good and there is an app for phones. They seem to be popular with folks. Opera browser must be data mining and selling it on to cover the cost of running a vpn so not sure about that? I would use incognito mode in chrome or private mode in Firefox for Internet browsing. If you really want to go next step then look at…oad

much same boat my friend.

Original Poster

Brilliant! - Thank you to all for the replies, advice and suggestions. I will look at every option from all posts and also hope that this helps others who have similar concerns.
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