Best shop to take gold into?

    Which shop would be best to take gold into or are all of them pretty much the same price?


    i would try a jewellers or maybe a gold shop........................

    isnt there price comparison sites for this sort of thing. Some of the reviews for them arent great though, so check them out. Im assuming youre talking about 'cash 4gold' those kinds of places?

    Don't bother with the gold shops they will give a poor price, an independent jewelers will give a much better price.

    Lots of people on here and on MSE recommend this place,you can get an online quote,you can also check the daily gold prices etc.

    I sent some items to them last year and was paid a grand,i recommend them highly myself.…spx

    TESCO online


    TESCO online

    You continually get a better price from Hatton,today for instance Hatton were paying 10.68 per gram,Tesco only 8.70

    if yr gold is like this
    I suggest you take it to

    Hatton Garden Gold gave me a very good price and service - money in the bank within 24 hours of it arriving and no quibbles at all. It was over £1000 so I thought that might take a little longer or would be more likely to have issues, not no, perfect service. Just make sure you send it in by Special Delivery so the gold is insured and signed for upon delivery.
    Chop Shop

    I'm BORED.

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    Thanks erm everyone lol.
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