Best sim card to travel in europe

    Hello, I am going across Europe for around a week and a half, I will be going through France, Germany and Italy. I am looking for the best options to use my phone for the cheapest price. I would mainly like roaming data but unsure of how it works.

    Many thanks


    are they three feel at home countries? if so buy a pay go sim and a bundle.

    Absolutely Three is the best network for whole Europe

    as everyone says Three is brilliant

    three depending how much data you need data reward might be better than 123.
    123 first top up is £10 with 150mb free for 30 days.
    data reward sim min top up £2 with 200mb free every 30 days.
    both are 1p mb after that.
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    As previous posters: Three network. If £20 is within budget, topup £20 to a 3 PAYG SIM then use that £20 to buy the All-in-One 20 bundle giving you total 12GB data, 300mins, 3000texts to use in UK and the Feel-at-Home countries. Does not include any allowances for local-roaming calls / txts.…ome

    The only gotcha with Three - is how much patience you have with data. Whilst they do offer 'at home' data allowance - it is at a drastically reduced speed.

    When I was travelling in the US late last year I struggled to get anywhere near 1mbps. They also hairpin it through the UK so they can traffic shape / throttle things.

    That said, despite slowness it's acceptable for searching / catching up on social media / navigating. If you need something more than that I would recommend looking at another operator, or just purchasing a 'throwaway' SIM whilst you are in-country.
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