Best Sim Only Contract Deals?

Found 1st May 2018
Currently with three, which I pay £15 a month for 8gb, 600 minutes and unlimited text. I have seen the other three deals but just wondering if anyone has found any better deals?
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45GB Data 4G, 5000 minutes & unlimited texts for £18 monthly on Virgin Media
I agreed the exact deal you have for 10 quid as a retention deal with 3
Depend on how much data you use, but a 6gb sim only with unlimited mins and texts from BT, £13 a month if you have BT broadband.

There is a £60 pre payment card (which you have to claim), which becomes an equivlant of £8 per month.
Go through Quidco cashback, which is a further £50, then you are looking at equivlant £3.84 per month.
Cheap as it gets really

I know some people say you cant get the rewards card if you go through Quidco, but I have 4 sim only with them and managed to get cashback, and then the rewards card, one I had to ring customer service for, the rest I did online via form.

Hope that helps.
tomdavidrichards25 m ago

I agreed the exact deal you have for 10 quid as a retention deal with 3

I tried everything with three and all they could offer me was the deals they had available online. Even went through to the cancellation team and they just weren’t interested
I pay £9 a month for 5gb of data and unlimited text and calls with o2
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