Best SIM only deal now that Tesco are increasing their prices by 50%

I've had a spare phone on Tesco PAYG Extra tariff of 10p per minute that has been useful as some months it hasn't been used and some months it's seen heavy usage, it is used for receiving calls so constant number switching is not an option.

Just received the Tesco text telling me they want to bend me over the railings and insert things into my anatomy, or specifically increase the tariff rate to 15p per minute (50% jump)....thieving B&%^%^rds.

So who's offering the best SIM only deal at the moment, or perhaps a contract deal for no more then £10 month. Calls only, no data and few texts needed (< 50 month).


Tesco @ £10 a month is 600 mins, unliited txt, 500gb data.

For payg Asda were 8p min 4p txt.

ASDA. 8p min / 4p text. I hope they don't follow Tesco in the increase!

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Where's the £10pm for 600 mins offer mate? I can only find a £10 for 250 mins deal.

Can't find it myself now even though I bought it myself last month.(maybe all their plans have changed which is a bummer because I needed two more in February)

This may interest you though 150 mins unliited txts £7.50 a month.…e=0

Asda mobile = Vodafone
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Stitch up alert!
Yes, Tesco are changing the rates to the following, so if you have £10pm deal you need to read this.

That's a 50% rise for voicemail! A bit more than the VAT increase...

Koma Toes, at the moment, Tesco internet is £4 per MB, so its a little swings and roundabouts with their new prices at the moment, good news if you use internet occasionally, bad if you don't.

Wasn't too bothered about that as we never get near 500MB included in the £10pm tariff...

Is Tesco still piggybacking O2?


Chitter Chatter are probably the cheapest 100 text 100 mins plus free booster for £6 a month…php

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Thanks for the suggestions but as I stated in the OP some months the phone will have heavy usage, some months little or none. I could work within 500 minutes monthly allowance but I'm not paying over £15 month for it else Asda at 8p minute makes more sense.

T mobile offered me 3gb data, 600 mins 500 texts for £10 3 days ago on the phone, give em a ring


T mobile offered me 3gb data, 600 mins 500 texts for £10 3 days ago on … T mobile offered me 3gb data, 600 mins 500 texts for £10 3 days ago on the phone, give em a ring

They offered that to you as a new customer or as a retention deal?

Right now I'm looking at Vodafone sim only deals…ne/
That is reliant on cashback but I've had no problems with cashback in 5years of using QuidCo etc.

It was a new customer deal, i was ringing round the mobile company's, they first said £12 but asked if they would go any cheaper they offered it for £10

Best offer I got from tmob sales via their 0800 number:

Online Sim 15
600mins/500text/unlimited data (browsing + 1gb data)
+1 Free Flex booster of Unlimited text or unlimited data or unlimited landline or unlimited tmobile to tmobile.

For £15.32/m it's not bad, but after cashback still 50% more than Vodafone.

The best deal around by far is with GIFF GAFF (on O2). £10 gets you 250 mins, unlimited texts and unlimited internet with no contract. Other "goody bags" available.
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