Best Sim Only Deals! (MEGATHREAD) deleted?

Found 11th Oct 2013
Can anyone tell me why the Best Sim Only Deals! (MEGATHREAD) been deleted?

As i remember correctly It was deleted before because of a affiliate link.

Is there a reasonable answer as to why its taken down again?


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no, its this one - started by AhmadCentral and seems he's been suspended

Edited by: "dingdong" 11th Oct 2013

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Oh, never knew that thread existed..

i'll probably expire this now


It was deleted before because of an affiliate link which i removed.

It was deleted again... because i don't know.

HUKD haven't got back to me with a valid reason and have ignored me since.

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I know you put a lot of work into that thread and it was used by alot of us. Such a shame its been taken down.

It's not right how they've done this again and now without a reason. Don't think you've broken any of the T&C right?

If they don't get back to you, how about ditching HUKD and starting one on MSE? That spreadsheet was really handy, I used to send it to folk up for renewal.


Hi Ahmadcentral, our moderators removed the thread again following reports that you had reedited the original spreadsheet on October 1st and October 7th, and affiliate links had been readded.

Having checked the edit logs, it does seem an affiliate link was added back into the spreadsheet last week, there may be a totally reasonable explanation for how that's happened, drop me a PM if you want to chat about it.

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