Best sim only deals with most minutes?

    Looking for a sim only with most amount of available minutes, not fussed about data in the slightest.


    Have a look HERE

    I'd avoid Freedompop, from personal experience it's not great, very much hit or miss.

    Link may just go to the home page, but have a search using the filters provided.

    But take your pick from the other £15 unlimited minutes deals, but choose the network which is best for your area.
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    I was looking for a low rolling contract for my mum which just had minutes. I'm not teaching her how to do data etc on her phone.... Crikes!

    Anyways, I've gone with giffgaff, not the cheapest or the most, but my sister is also on giffgaff meaning they can call each other free (the minutes aren't used) so it does work OK for her.

    With dual sim phones coming more and more mainstream I'd love an operator (pref 02) to do a voice and text only sim.

    Asda are doing unlimited mins for £10pm in there Christmas sim deal

    Oh. Asda use EE and they are doing the same deal to
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