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Found 1st Feb
I bought a single bed mattress few months ago which was very comfortable but now I can feel the springs and wake up few times at night. Is there a mattress topper under £70 that would make my mattress comfortable again for at least few years?
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A trick I've used and recommended on this site is taking old duvets and use those as mattress covers. So take the King or Double sized duvet, double them over and tuck the sides under the mattress. Works a treat, especially if you use a couple of 13.5 Tog duvets.
I did as suggested above but I also bought a John Lewis soft touch mattress topper and it is very good but may be a little over your budget. I used both as it needed it as the bed was so hard.
If you've only had the mattress a couple of months and you can feel the springs already, then I would say it's either faulty or too cheap. I would be inclined to address that problem before buying a topper as even a £70 topper will struggle on a knackered mattress.
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