Best site for a quality watch


    I am looking to buy a genuine watch for c£300/£500 - anyone point me in the right direction?




    Try [url][/url] - very good my husband ordered a £400 watch and got 10% off as well as they price matched one on Amazon. They are well respected jewellers in Glasgow and they sent the item through very quickly in the post.

    Worth a look to see if they have the watch you want and for something that expensive worth giving them a call to see what discount they can give you.

    yeah ive heard of rox before. Good service!

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    Cheers - site looks great! Thx

    This site is excellent. I have bought three seikos over the last couple of years for brilliant prices. It is run by an extremely helpful gentleman. I would difinately use again.

    goldsmiths, few gucci's there. Odd raymond weil etc
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