Best sites to check for baby offers this black friday?

    I am sure we have some very experienced deal hunting mums and dads on here!

    So we are expecting our first child in mid January and was looking for some guidance on the sites I should be keeping an eye on to start buying things for our house in preparation? Literally not bought anything yet as we were waiting until after decorating but if there is some good deals about this weekend it would make sense to get stuck in!

    I am aware of mothercare but thats about it

    Also travel systems... some are £200 some are £800 but look very similar.. is it really worth the extra cash??


    . This . using the search function

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    . This . using the search function

    Yeah it seems to be 95% toys. I was hoping to search for the deals myself just wondered if certain sites where known for having great deals on black friday

    hi from my experience I would recommend you to do baby shopping around Christmas as when actual offers are on from retailers as boots; mother care ..mamas n papas or toys r rus. ..I'm expecting my 2nd but mines due in April ....hope I helped u so either do home shopping nw4
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