Best sites/deals for an LCD TV?

Found 26th Dec 2008
We are looking at buying a 20/26 inch LCD for the kids room, possibly inc built in DVD player.

Any ideas where best deals can be found on line?

Any recommendations?


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this is a good deal, but smaller than you asked for x

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Thx - am really looking at 20/22 inch for

Acoustic Solutions 22IN HD Ready DVD Combi.

* Save Over £35.00
* £194.88 See the Additional Information panel for the pricing footnote.
* was £229.99

I bought this set last week on the website it shows the same price but when I went to pay for it I was charged £139.99. I know two other people who have bought this not sure if it works if you reserve it though

check out marks and spencers as they were giving a free 5yr warranty

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Thx but either way this is coming thro at £195 - how do you get £135?

Yes, I too am looking for a cheapo LCD TV with DVD combi - 20 inch (ish). For less than £200. Would love to know how to pay £139 for it as Bluebindy123 did.

The price at the till is £139.99 . The only way you can do it is to actually go and pay for it and then see the price. This was correct last week.

Thanks, Bluebindy123. I went to the tills and the price wasn't £139.99. It was the full catalogue price. But it was worth a shot and I appreciate the info.

In fact, the 22 inch set looks so nice, I may just pay the full £195.
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