Found 2nd Dec 2010
I am looking to join Sky in the new year and I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I can get a really good deal?

I am particularly looking for the following:

Free HD Box
Free Installation
Free £50 M&S voucher for allowing my friend to 'refer' me!

Anyone reckon I could get all three of these for being a new customer?

Thanks in advance!

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What channels are you getting

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What channels are you getting

All the basic channel packs except the children's one. Not interested in the Sports or Movie upgrade at the moment.

i think what you stated is what you will get for new customers via refer a friend. I just left sky and they are offering me half price for 12 months if i come back but i want free hd sub or m&s vouchers with it so holding on untill a better deal comes along. you would have to call sky sales team for better offer but im pretty sure it cant get any better than 'Free HD Box
Free Installation
Free £50 M&S voucher for allowing my friend to 'refer' me! ' this. so gl

btw when your on your 5th month call em up and say you want to cancel, they may offer half price for the next six months, yes i know min term is 12 month but give it a shot and if you want me to refer you pm me your email address.. gl
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I set up mine through quidco 2 years ago and had £120 cashback with vouchers.

I just did my boyfriends mothers and we were on the live chat on sky's website. They were trying to charge us for installation etc and we said no thanks so they ended up doing everything for free. It's in their interest to get you as a customer so they will set it up for free for you. She had a Sky+ HD box for free too even though she didn't take out the HD package.

Try chatting to them and see what they come up with.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I will stick to my guns and insist that I get:

Free HD Box
Free Installation
Free £50 M&S voucher for allowing my friend to 'refer' me

I know other people have got these things free so I will keep pushing. I will definitely try speaking to a rep via the telephone and the online live chat thing.

Thanks again.
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