Best sky deal i can get at the moment.

    Hi everyone,

    Helper in need of some help here.
    Basically I want to give VM the old heave ho, after mucking me about again. I have been with them 7 years and the last couple of years has been really bad. That and they said over the phone "Oh you have been with us 19 years, that is a long time" Was thinking... yeah...I have been a customer since I was eight years old... (didn't correct them incase they decided to give me a top deal for being with them for so long...

    Anyway... We want to give a 12 month Sky contract a shot and ideally after into prices don't want to be paying more than we are now (£53) a month. Just wondering if you kind ladies and gents have any advice about getting the best out of that kind of money? Service for cash works out better than VM but I will miss my fibre BB, but hey ho...

    I did spot this…-21
    Not sure if it would knock any off the deal price or make anything more tempting though. I have seen the cashback deals too which again...are tempting. But a lot of you guys will be wiser than myself about all of this, so thought i'd ask!
    I haven't known anything else but VM so am a bit wary about a change.

    Sorry for the script. Will post a pic of the bundle I put in if it would help guide me in anyway.

    Thanks a lot HUKD'ers!


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    internet is mega slow

    you get max 76mb
    you may get 16mb on your package (too slow)

    stick with virgin, minumum 50mb in london
    152mb is very good.
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