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My old mans been on basic Sky for years without any freebies, so i think it's high time he got some dont you ???

If i ring up and say i may go to Virgin (AS IFFFFFFFFFF) what am i likely to get for him, I'm aiming for free Sky+ plus some more channels.

Advice please ?


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You wont get sky+ and more channels free, so you need to decide what you are aiming for.

If you want sky+ box then call to cancel because you are working shifts and dont get to see any of the programmes you like but cant afford to buy a sky+ box at the moment so might as well cancel your subscription

If you want extra channels then call up to cancel and say that you are switching to virgin as you have been offered more channels for the price you are currently paying for sky

Be nice about it and dont ask what they can do to stop you cancelling or anything, just let them do all the hard work!
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