Best Sky+ Deals? (and other questions)

    I am considering getting Sky+, but was just wanting to ask a few questions to the knowledge base that is the HUKD forum :thumbsup:

    First up, do I need a BT landline for it? At the moment we get our phone from TalkTalk so would that cause a problem?

    Secondly, would Sky install it into any room of the house (say, an upstairs bedroom)? I was reading their T&Cs and came across the line "Non-standard install may cost extra." which worried me a bit.

    And finally, is Sky+ really worth it? I would probably get a 2 mix package with maybe the Sports subscription, but then again I could live without the Sports. Freeview reception in my area is a bit dodgy at times, which is my main reason for looking towards Sky.

    Other than the questions, has anyone spotted any decent deals on Sky+ recently? We usually get thousands of leaflets on it in our house through various magazines and what not, but now I come to thinking about getting it, we have none at all :-(


    u need a phone line doesnt matter who its with. they'll try to flog u skytalk just say no if ur happy wiht talktalk.

    non standard is if they had to climb up half way everest or if u personally requested the dish put in a place where access wasnt easy

    as long as they can drill thru ur bedroom wall thats not a prob

    sky+ is worth it. esp if ur into stuff that comes on week in week out. eg sitcoms, football etc

    as for deals - fone them up - do u already have sky in the house? fone them up and negotiate they're more than willin to lower the price down if u get a csa who is a plank - put the fone down and try agian in a few

    If you know a Sky then they can introduce him and receive £30 M&S voucher, so will you when he signs up, see:-

    Also, see:-…est

    And quidco for cahback


    I know someone who can get free Sky+ deal but you'll have to PM me

    Can you post details here, or is it a bit Hush-Hush..

    Is it new box or re-con?

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