Best slimline camera for under £70

    I'm getting as a gift for my brother a slim digital camera that can slip easily into his pocket when he goes out. I don't want to spend over £70 as i'm getting him other stuff and he will probably end up getting drunk and breaking it at some point so a one for hundreds would be a waste.

    A few cameras i've looked at seem to fat and bulbous so wouldn't work as something to slip in his pocket.

    Any recommendations?


    theres quite a few at [url][/url]
    Just click on the different makes down the side, there are quite a few cheap slim ones like kodak and panasonic. Probably more but not looked properly.

    You may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere once you know what model you like. I think amazon is good for some of the panasonics and casios etc.

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    ]Refurbed Finepix z10fd for £54.99. I got my s800fd from here and it's … ]Refurbed Finepix z10fd for £54.99. I got my s800fd from here and it's been great.

    I'm after the more traditional setup rather than a super slimline model.

    I got this for myself and find it great for going out so i'm looking for a cheaper comparable alternative.

    Most of the cheaper cameras seem to have taken their design inspiration from a house brick.

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    MCH1;3450426 casio ones here for 85

    If I can find a good deal the EX-z80 looks promising.

    I'll have to see if I can find it in store somewhere so I can get my hands on it and judge the feel and size better.
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