Best smart phone for £200/250

    Looking for a new phone for the wife but haven't a clue what to get, any advice and links would be much appreciated



    thats a big can of worm your about to open, give your lass the monies to buy one or send her to the shops and you pay for the contract of the phone.
    Q what dose she want it for apps, office, texting, emails, skype, bla bla bla.
    keep up with the joneses.
    network coverage in your area. which operator.
    how much do you expect to pay monthly and how much in reality.

    me nokia lover last 20+ yrs tried android and bb don't like the operating systems (purchased payg mobile before signing contract to try them), got a android tablet for work purposes and the rest is all windows / nokia. not bothered about games need office apps (windows) for work, email, tethering, 2000+ mins a month, 5mp+ camera. good battery life, 3 network, nokia 920 and a bomb proof phone. nokia has always pleased me but thats me.


    LG G2 or LG Nexus 5

    the oneplus one but invite only at the moment

    moto g......I bought one as a stand in between smashing old phone s4 and getting new one(contract).....very impressed for such a cheap phone
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