best smart thermostat heating control for home?

Found 24th Nov 2017
which is the best value smart thermostat worth buying?

will be getting a combi boiler installed so did not want a standard mecanical thermostat

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I’ve gone for a Hive for a couple of reasons
- I didn’t want something that “learned my schedule” as I want to control solely from my phone rather than set a schedule
- wanted something I could easily add light bulbs to and control them when I’m away from home
- needed it installed quickly and professionally as the house is in a small town and finding an electrician there at short notice is a nightmare
Van197350 m ago

You can achieve remote control of your boiler/heating system for just …You can achieve remote control of your boiler/heating system for just £9.35

thats seema b it complicated but i guess its the same thing in principle...
I will only need one thermostat right? not for each room type of thing..
You really only need one thermostat - unless you have more than one heating zones (valves).

You can now get smart TRV valves for radiators - but i think this is going over the top and applying technology where there is no real benefit or need. A standard TRV should suffice as they control they provide is limited as they are measuring temperature very close to the radiator.

The thermostat should be in the room you use the most or mobile (wireless) so that you can carry it around with you from room to room.
i wil probably just add the thermostat in the lounge
thanks, a pluber suggested nest
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