best smartphone? any advice appreciated

    I am getting a new phone and am unsure what to buy. I would like to be able to get emails and access the internet on it, as well as normal things like actual phone calls!!

    I am thinking maybe a blackberry 8520? seems to have pretty good deals with unlimited blackberry (which i presume is internet access?) only want to spend around £30-£35 a month, some even seem to come with free laptops, which would be great.
    But i could get an iphone for the same money i think, without the free laptop, but would i need a laptop if i had an iphone?
    I may be opening a can of worms, but i would appreciate any input to help me decide!

    Thank you.


    Nokia 5800 can be had for less than £160 on It's Which's second best buy. I am currently on the look out to hunt one!

    iPhone everytime!

    I think Nokia 5800 is available with T mobile for 100 Pounds.

    it really depends what you’re looking for in terms of a contract minute texts..... but in no way those an iphone replace a laptop, it’s great for internet and fun games... but blackberry 8520 is excellent for texting and face book which you can get on a 15-20£ contract.

    If u want it to replace a laptop I would go for something more professional with a full qwerty keyboard and buy the maximum capacity sd card.... this would replace a laptop…-mi
    to a certain extent in terms of handling emails and documents.
    It also has an easy switch in between private and work for music and games or email, gps, wifi....
    and it comes with protective case + 4 gb micro sd you can get another 32gb for round 30£
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