Best Smartphone Out Now?

Found 5th Dec 2014
In your opinion what is the best smartphone out at the moment regardless of price or brand.

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It's impossible to say 'regardless of price'. For me, it is the Z3 Compact - Huge list of features, with a great price to bolster it.

Best Sony Phone: Sony Xperia Z3
Best Compact Phone: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
TrustedReviews Phone of the Year 2014: LG G3
Best Value High-end Phone: OnePlus One
Best Designed Android Phone: HTC One M8
Best Selfie Phone: HTC Desire EYE
Best iPhone for Usability: iPhone 6
Best All-Round Android Phone: Samsung Galaxy S5
Best Phone for Productivity: Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Best iPhone for Battery Life: iPhone 6 Plus

Has to be note 4 if your going to disregard price, I have a HTC One M7, but the note 4 is a beast as long as the size is not a problem.

iPhone 6 most definitely.

I have a Note 2, obviously not my recommendation...if I was going for a phone *right now* I'd choose the Xperia Z3. Absolutely stunning phone, a friend of mine has it.

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I was hoping at least two or three people would recommend the same phone and make it easier. Thanks for the comments so far though

If I was gonna buy a phone right now, I'd go for the Nexus 6. My second choice would be the OnePlus One.

I also have a Note 2. Still going strong.
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