Best smartphone with a budget of £200?

Found 21st May
Hey Hukd'ers!

My dad has been using a Moto X Pure (2015 edition) for a few years and it's on it's final legs. I've been trying to find a smartphone to replace it with but with so many out I can't keep up. I see a lot of asian market phones being listed on HUKD but I'm unaware if they are actually better than his current phone?

What he needs:
Decent Camera (X pure takes surprisingly good pics)
Good Battery life

All he uses it for is calls, text, youtube and taking photos. He doesn't really mess around with any other apps so it doesn't have to be a performance beast. Just a worthy upgrade from his current one.

So what is the best bang for buck phone

Any help appreciated!!
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Xiaomi MI A1, excellent value for money.
get a Xiaomi the official handsets of H.U.K.D.
Just looked up the spec on gsmarena. Most likely cluttered with junk. worth a reset

backup up texts/contacts etc


Or you can pick up a refurbed moto x4 32gb 3gb for around £170. I bought one from laptopsdirect and its doing fine
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