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Hey HUKD. Lovely weather today!

I am planning on purchasing a smartwatch to use along my iPhone 7. The main features which are required are ability to receive calls/messages/whatsapp when the phone is around 10m away. Must look nice. Prefer one on which I can use contactless bank payments however not a must. Also accurate fitness tracker such as hr monitor and steps would be ideal. Willing to spend maximum 150 for non Apple devices and up to 350 on Apple devices. Thanks in advance
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Only smart watch that’s worth using is an Apple Watch with an iphone.
If you have an iPhone I couldn’t recommend the Apple Watch any more, it ticks all the boxes. I have used a gear and a Sony Watch and they were pretty poor. The Apple Watch just works well in the areas where Apple excel by having close control over the hardware and software, in a device like a watch this is pretty important. The others are cheaper and that’s about all they have going for them, you are already in the ecosystem so it won’t be a big change
Apple Watch without a doubt
Thanks guys, does whatsapp work on Apple watches?
WhatsApp works and you can respond to messages from the watch, either with a set list of responses or by drawing out the letters you want to send. You can’t see pictures on the watch though, it’ll just tell you there’s an image.

Would definitely recommend the Apple Watch though, it just works
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Apple Watch, love mine. Use it fitness tracking (linked to Strava & Garmin) play music through it reply to messages, can make calls but find it odd talking to my wrist
Is there much difference between the series 2 and series 3?
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