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Found 19th Feb 2010
Hi folks, one for the older retro gamers !

Got SNES & NES emulators on my psp, got the usual games zeldas, marios etc.

Anyone recommend any less know decent games & maybe jap ones too ?

Currently playing dizzy & chrono trigger brilliant !





all zeldas




dude...forget these lot

if you want a snes master, come to me

first game you should play


At first you might think WTF?

But im telling you now, stick to it, after you complete the first mission believe me, you'll be avsolutely hooked. The game is awesome.

Check the review if you dont believe me.


i havnt mentioned any others cos this game is LONG and youll be hooked

Donky Kong
Street Fighter

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cheers folks ill check em out, shadowrun does ring a bell ill have a look

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any one know any decent jap / us games ?


Super Mario World on the SNES.

Mole Patrol with the Super Scope!!!

Other than that my favourites were Pilot Wings and Starwing!! Remember those!

Starfox, or Lylat wars it might of been called

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some amazing games & some truly shockers, I remember paying £40 a pop for these games, im getting old !!!

pilotwings for me

Secret of Mana for your RPG lovers or Mega Man for platform lovers



any one know any decent jap / us games ?

mystical ninja

Mega lo mania

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myystical ninja good shout, love mana tho chrono trigger better, can seem to get into snes ff games, heard 3 is good

Street Fighter &

Mystical ninja awesome also pilotwings fav nes has to be rad gravity and bionic commando

Super Metroid

Super Star Wars.

It's shocking it took 16 posts to get to Secret of Mana, this is my all time favourite Snes game.


It's shocking it took 16 posts to get to Secret of Mana, this is my all … It's shocking it took 16 posts to get to Secret of Mana, this is my all time favourite Snes game.

You may think thats shocking but no one has mentioned Terranigma, a VERY rare rpg that I own the original of!

Or Secret OF Evermore

Secret of mana
Terranigma (no, you cant have my copy)
Zelda: lttp
Bomberman 2
Turtle in Time
Illusion of Time (Gaia for NTSC)
Chrono Trigger
Shadow run is very good, if you can get on with it, I found the isometric view a little off putting.
FF 2+3 (US release numbers.)
Sunset Riders
Super Probotector (Contra 3 NTSC)
Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Am sure there are loads more, but cant think right now mate


Mortal Kombat II - "TOASTY!!"
Super Off Road
Punch Out

I think I paid £60 for Mortal Kombat on the SNES when it first came out. Holy ****!

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cheers all fantastic, this lot will keep me going on the commute to work

Zombies was a blast been playing it on the wii lately
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