Best Software for Drawing Building Plans

    any one know any good software to draw up some plans for building


    punch platinum pro is good, i used it to design a building project. It also gives a 3d view of what it will look like. Its ok for home use don't know if it will be any good for professional use.…htm

    also available on Demonoid!

    Autocad. Used by all architects



    i couldnt use that - too hard!:oops:

    yeah autocad, revit is a newer one probably easier.
    you can use google sketchup, which is free and quite user freindly.

    Original Poster

    cool, thanks for the replies. will take a look at them tonight

    yeah AutoCAD best if you can use it. I use it everyday ;-)


    i couldnt use that - too hard!:oops:

    I could give help and tips, I'm full qualified and use it on a daily basis.
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