Best software for joining avi's - making short film

    I've got a load of avi's of my baby and want to create a dvd with some music in the background and possibly some titles.

    whats the best software to use or would people recommend?

    I've currently only got windows movie maker


    avimux i think?

    For a small task like that, I'd just stick with Windows Movie Maker (providing it can inport your AVIs ok). Much easier than downloading a full-blown editing program like Adobe Premiere.


    Nero Vision

    one true media is a good one i got to make one for free on their site and sent it to family, was really really nice, was when ds2 was tiny

    I think windows movie maker is a brilliant piece of kit. Ive made quite a few edited videos using it and wouldve happily paid for it if it didnt come with windows
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