best software to turn a dvd into avi?

    Hi, I now have a HTPC so I need to convert my dvd collection into avi's or something similar so I can store them on the HDD. I could download them all but it seems a bit pointless when I have the origionals already.

    I've heard of dvdshrink but once I've used that won't I still end up with VOB files to burn to another DVD? I need something that will turn it into an avi or something that my HTPC will play?

    Do I need to use dvdshrink to get rid of the menus then something else to convert whats left to an avi?



    dvdshrink or dvd decryptor - will get the dvd on your harddrive

    autogk - this will convert the ripped dvd into an avi filr

    DVDShrink for free, but I personally like TMPGEnc DVD Author. Give them both a shot!!

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    thanks guys - I'll have a look into those



    Or you can try winavi

    If DVDshrink has problems because of any encryption on the dvd run anydvd it just sit in the background & takes away any encryption thats on any dvds you are trying to turn in to avi's





    Fairuse Wizard 2

    Rips the DVD as an AVI to the PC. Quite nifty actually. Freebie too. Google it, there was a really good video guide on how to use it.

    A 4.7gb dvd is converted to a 700MB avi

    Remember avi files can be massive files unless compressed ,thus taking up alot space on your HDD.A single layered DVD can be upto 4.7 GB ,a DL will be more . To view films while out and about and on holiday I turn my DVD's into xvid or divx files , so you can get a whole SL disk into a file about 700 or 850mb in size without to much picture quality loss using VLC to view them.
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