Best sound bar for the price

    Could you please help me to decide between 2 soundbars? Assuming I can get both for almost the same price (£280ish), which one is better, samsung k650 or Sony HT-CT790? Is there anything better for the that price?

    I would be using it for movies, gaming and tv shows no music (with Samsung ks7000 tv) . Clear dialogue would be an advantage. Anybody has tried both and could advise?

    Thanks in advance.


    I just got sony one cant remember the model tough and its amazing. Its more a slab than a bar can have a huge tv sitting on top. You get clear sound and nice base also for films

    Honestly it's best if you go down to a store and listen for yourself - after all it's your ears that will be the ultimate test as to whether you like one over the other.

    When I went to my local Currys, I was quite surprised how rubbish the cheaper ones are and how quickly the price rises for the better models, but it doesn't come close to the quality of my floor standing speakers. Although they take up a lot of room I didn't want to sacrifice quality for space.

    My old chap has this…iew and its amazing, could not afford it myself so went for this…iew which is only rated half a star less than the Canton in a head to head and can be had for half the price of the Canton.

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    Thanks all for your replies, I guess u're right and I will have to go to a store to listen a few of them.
    Mfactor thank for the recommendation, I'll take a look. The only issue is they are soundbases aren't they? I was looking for a soundbar with sw, 2.1 or 3.1 ideally with Hdmi connections and 4k pass through (not strictly necessary tho)

    I could tell you where to get a very nice sounding yamaha for £176

    ats-1050 yamaha for £176 inc vat in costco has clear voice on it too , the sound from it blew me away
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