Best sources on cydia for iphone?

Found 3rd May 2010
Right i've managed to rejailbreak my iphone and got cydoa installed but there aren't many sources on there and i want to get the likes of boss prefs and sbsettings back on it.

can anyone tell me the best sources to add to cydia?

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oh sorry i thought you said chlamydia....?:?
Oooh.. That reminds me.... where's the iPhone!!!!!
the porter;8518089

ah, that's the one with installous? ;-):whistling: cheers

is thee a problem with cydia tonight, i keep getting errors on a lot of sources
and can anyone pm me the source for installous as appears to have gone??:?

thanks for the link but i've done the appsync patch, just trying to find where you get the apps on installous as appulous has closed down
could you guys answer these questions for me thanks

I want to Jailbreak my iPod Touch can I do so with this program should I download the latest version of spirit.

1) How do I save my SHSH files.

2) Where do I get cydia and do i need a full battery before running

3) Is there any disadvantages feature wise in doing this (e.g apps)

4)With a jailbroken iPhone/iPod is it possible to download apps from apple's appstore.

sorry for question its just have have never jailbroken my iPod before.
trying to backuo my friends iphones SHSH files with AutoSHSH but its says unsuported backup not required why this.

how do i back them up
any recommend apps to download like installous
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