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Found 22nd Aug 2008
This is my first post so i apologize if there is a similar one already in existence. Does anyone know any great speaker deals for a budget of £150, or would recommend any speakers.
Preferably 5.1, but 2.1 or larger would also be fine.
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they both look really good, but was worried by the comment "isn't a great music solution ", as it's primary use will be to listen to music, although I'm sure I'll watch many a movie on it to.
If primarily for music use then forget a 5.1 or 2.1 package. Get a pair of floor standing speakers:

so would you just say get the most expensive floor standing one I can afford from richersounds? Or are those particularly special? Cheers for the advice i would've spent £150 on cinematic speakers otherwise....
You are welcome.

The best thing is to audition the speakers. Most proper AV dealers will have a listening room to let you see which speakers make the most pleasing sound to your ears before you buy.

Which speakers are better is really subjective, but in my opinion a good place to start is with a good brand.

Mordaunt short are a very premium brand. So are Bowers & Wilkins (B&W), I also like KEF.

Those Mordaunt Short floor standers are excellent value for money in my opinion.

Small satellite home cinema speakers are just horrible for music. If you get some good floorstanders, you can save up for a while then just buy two surround speakers, a centre speaker and a subwoofer to add on. Then you would have a setup that is great for movies too, so the best of both worlds.
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