Best Speakers(Builtin amplifier) for my laptop under £50

    Hello Guyz, Looking for a very good 2.1 Speaker for my laptop for under 50£ .I have very high sensitivity for sound. The speakers should handle all types of music very well. coz some speakers tend to distort for Rock/ metal and at high volume/bass . I saw a post on "Tall piano speakers from ebuyer" .I saw the reviews seems pretty good. Are they ok ?

    Any websited that have wide range of speakers at competitive price?

    Thanks for you help.


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    You want "very good" speakers that suit all kinds of music, that won't distort, suit your audiphile ears, that go loud with no bother at all, and that cost less than £50. And not just stereo speakers, but stereo speakers and a sub, too. And a built-in amp.

    I'd recommend saving up for a few more weeks and multiplying the budget by about five times. Your wallet won't be best pleased, but your ears will thank you - cheap speakers never sound good. Drop into your local Richer Sounds for a demo of a basic £250 amp & speaker set if you want to hear what a good stereo system sounds like. I think they still give away free tubs of cotton buds if you're not convinced.
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